Monday, December 15, 2014

Great Granola Bars

This has been one of my favourite things to make at home, even before I started comparing prices. These granola bars are so good, soft, chewy and I can spice them up with anything I want. Dried fruit, chocolate, candy, nuts, seeds and basically anything else I think might taste good. For the sake of the blog (and my budget) I was glad to see they are also cheaper than store bought.

Simple Ingredients

The Final Product

What I really like to do with these (other than walking through the kitchen and stealing little chunks of granola bar all day long) is throw them individually into baggies, toss some in the freezer and then use them in my husbands lunches. I just put it in his lunch bag the night before (or that morning if I'm  being lazy) and it's thawed by lunch. 

Price Breakdown
These were the cheapest, most similar ones that I could find from the store. One box, with 5 granola bars, is $1.57
At the store: $0.31 per bar
Homemade: $0.26 per bar

We eat about 10 bars, or 2 boxes worth, each week. By making them homemade, I will have saved us about $25 in one year. 

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