Friday, November 11, 2016

Fill Your Freezer - Meat

Meat is so expensive. As much as I'd love to cut down on meat and have more vegetarian meals, certain family members wouldn't go for that! So instead, I choose to always have my freezer stocked with sale and discount meat.

All of our discount meat is either 30% off from No Frills or 25% off from Wal Mart. The meat is usually discounted because it's been on the shelf for a few days and needs to be 'eaten' right away. I always check the date to make sure it's still good and then put it in the freezer as soon as I get home and we have never had the issue of meat going bad.

The next thing I love to do, which I am sharing right now because of the upcoming holiday season, is to stock up on sale meat around Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is the time to fill your freezer with whole Turkeys and Hams!

Around the holidays whole turkeys are less than half price at around $0.90/lb in my area. This is cheaper than any other meat at regular or sales price. There is usually a limit of 2 per family/customer but since they are on sale at basically all the stores I really could get as many as I wanted. Usually 2 or 3 turkeys is enough for a few months anyways.

So far I have only bought a ham marked down after the holidays once but I'm definitely doing it again! I bought a HUGE delicious glazed ham for about $20 just after last Christmas and cut it into slices. I froze a few slices together in each freezer bag and pulled out ham when I needed a quick meat for dinner or even to fry up with breakfast over the next few months. That $20 ham must have done at least 10 meals.

Due to our recent move, my deep freezer is currently empty and unplugged at the old house and I just have use of my small fridge freezer. I have no idea how people without deep freezers survive! My fridge freezer is so full I can barely shut the door. Thankfully my deep freezer is being brought over soon because I am so excited to fill it with cheap meat over the holiday season. I am definitely most looking forward to a big breakfast with fried ham come the new year!

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