Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Freebie February

I absolutely love freebies. Free samples, which show up to surprise me in my mailbox months after I have ordered and completely forgotten about them, are my absolute favourite. BUT they are definitely not the only way to get stuff for free. When I decided to write about getting freebies, I started thinking about all the stuff we've received over the last few years and was surprised to realize how much it really is. We have got thousands of dollars worth of free stuff and, the best part, it was totally easy! 

Here is some of the stuff we got, how we did it and how you can too:

Free Samples In The Mail
In the last few months, I opened my mailbox to a ton of awesome samples. These ranged anywhere from laundry soap to protein bars to a full sized bag of cat food. 

My favourite sites to browse for these mail samples are Todays Free Stuff and Free Stuff Finder. I check every few days or so. Some days there's nothing that interests me and some days I'll order 5 samples. 

Facebook Groups/ Kijiji

Another great way to get free stuff is to take it off of someone else's hands. There is a whole section for "FREE" stuff on Kijiji. Just browse through, or if you need something specific, try posting a "WANTED" ad. 

On Facebook I am part of a "Pay It Forward" group for my area. When I no longer need something, I post it on there for other people and I comment on other peoples ads when I see something that I like. Note, people usually like to get rid of stuff ASAP so make sure that you comment on a day when you are free and can literally jump in your car or walk over and pick up right away. You have more chance of getting stuff this way. Search for a Pay It Forward, Free Stuff, Buy Nothing etc. group for your area. 

All 3 board games turned out to be brand new with the cards still wrapped!

Huge box of free kids clothes

Even my kitty came free from Kijiji

The Library

Our library often has a table at the exit with all the discontinued books, free for people to take home. Most people walk past the table without looking... and then there's me. I've been seen struggling to walk home with a huge stack of books in my arms. Even if your library doesn't have this, you could always ask what they do with the discontinue books. Many will sell them off super cheap if not free. 

All Those Random Contests

You know all those booths that are set up at job fairs, farmers markets, trade shows, street fairs etc? Well many of those have free contests and lots of people don't take the time to enter. My husband has won a free ipod and a $25 Itunes card, on two separate occasions. 

Also, if your work has contests, draws or safety reports, do them! A contest at my husbands work is how we ended up with our Ipad, which is now a member of the family. Also, at my Dads work, whenever employees saw a safety concern, or something that didn't meet code, they could fill out a safety note and get entered to win prized. I remember my dad winning a fair sized gift card one month. 


Whenever large events are run, way too much food is usually brought in. Often times the leftovers will go to the volunteers or a catering company but it doesn't hurt to take what's free and ask if you're not sure. The worst they can do is say no. I'm always surprised when I leave somewhere to see that people leave water bottles and snacks behind. 

The other day I went to a 15 Hour Scrapbooking Marathon Fundraiser. Close to the end there were two yogurt parfaits left on the snack table so I grabbed them before leaving and we had them for breakfast the next day. 

Also, my husband was away training this weekend and their food is catered by a local hotel. I don't know if it's just because it was the first weekend, but he said there was WAY too much food and most of ended up in the garbage. After seeing a ton of perfectly good chicken thrown away, he was able to snag a full loaf of bread and some fruit. You can always ask.

The Dentists

Just thought I would throw this one in. Even when they don't ask me if I need a new toothbrush, I always asks for something at the dentist. They usually end up giving me a toothbrush, floss, sometimes those mini toothpastes and once I even got a 250 ml sample bottle of Listerine. I've never had them say no... yet. 

Receipt Surveys/Store Contests

You know those survey contests that are on basically every receipt you get? Yeah, they might be worth filling out. They're not too long... usually, and you can win some pretty big prizes. My husband won $1000 in Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards once when we filled out the online survey and lots of other stores give gift cards too. 

Also, lots of stores have promotions, like scratch and win cards, right at the cash. The other day I got two paper "poker chips" free with my $5 purchase and I won a free chocolate bar. Yet, many people walk away without even grabbing them! 

There you have it. Those are some of the different, not too difficult, methods of finding and getting awesome stuff for free. 

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