Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Frozen Pizzas

Homemade Vs. Storebought

Store-bought freezer pizzas may not make the healthiest, most delicious meals ever but there is no denying how convenient they are. We love homemade pizza in our house but they do take a lot of prep work so I decided that from now on I will make an extra one whenever I do pizzas and freeze it for a super easy, delicious future meal.

Preparing my toppings while the dough rises. 

Homemade dough, yum!

The freezer pizza.

 I made it the same as usual, rolled out my crust and partially cooked it. Then I topped it and added the cheese but instead of throwing it back in the oven, I wrapped it in plastic wrap and then aluminum foil and popped it in the freezer. 

The final product. 

I already knew that my homemade freezer pizzas would be healthier and yummier than store bought but I decided to also do a price breakdown and see if it was cheaper.

Price Breakdown
Storebought: Average $5-$7 
Homemade: $3.05

Obviously prices will vary depending on the toppings used and whether the crust is homemade or not. Our pizza had pepperoni, ham, green pepper, onion, pineapple and pizza cheese mix. I figured it costed about $3.05 and it tasted great, so I am going to fill my freezer with a bunch of them for future use. 

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